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wausauloner - Mon Dec 31 2012

03:10 PM #
Two items to report after spending the bulk of two days at the open pit iron ore mine SE of Ishpeming. 1) We've got some interesting loot...

03:13 PM #
The most remarkable of which is a substantial amount of explosives of various kinds, including lots of Primacord in several gauges. #zombie

03:16 PM #
We rigged a big truck to transport it all safely and sent it, one of our plows, and an escort south to The Farm Colonies. #zompocalypse

03:19 PM #
Another truck full of the antiques we salvaged, most of the Ishpeming survivors, and all of our wounded are also headed south. #zompocalypse

03:22 PM #
2) The other interesting find: several BIG trucks once used for hauling ore out of the mine. They're absolutely HUGE. Like small houses.

03:25 PM #
With fighters loaded up in back, they would make incredible zombie-fighting platforms, able to drive into an area like rolling fortresses...

03:28 PM #
They would also be damn near as good as tanks in any fight against hostile survivor groups. They'd be handy against the Rapture's Reapers.

03:31 PM #
But this is all just fantasy, I'm afraid. The trucks are so big that they bring new meaning to the term gas guzzler. We could never use them

03:34 PM #
I really doubt that we could modify them to run on steam power or wood gas. The engines are just too big and too specialized. #zompocalypse

03:37 PM #
...but...just in case someone smarter than I can figure something out...I sent every manual I could find on the trucks back to the Colonies.

04:53 PM #
@Rose_Redrum Lots of experimenting with that stuff has been going on. It is an option we are considering, tho MPG (GPM!) is still a problem.