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wausauloner - Thu Jan 03 2013

09:42 AM #
We reached Pequaming shortly before noon. There are about 60 survivors here in this small town on an oddly mushroom-shaped peninsula.

09:45 AM #
I'm under a cell antennae site next to a small spit of land where the survivors' boats are docked. They arrived here last summer. #zombies

09:48 AM #
They were able to clear the land along a man-made lagoon, then use the narrow strip as a safe base for sanitizing the rest of the peninsula.

09:51 AM #
The woodsy "head" of the mushroom is higher than the swampy "neck" connecting it to the mainland, making it almost an island. #zompocalypse

09:54 AM #
Once the survivors here set up defensive stations to watch the lowland approaches from the mainland, they were relatively safe from the dead

09:57 AM #
They have to stay vigilant for zombies walking up out of the bay, but I get the impression such things are rare along Superior's deep waters

10:01 AM #
Our hosts are eager to join our alliance. They say they've been chased from place to place since Z-day, by both the dead and the living.

10:03 AM #
Our hosts have invited us to a real sit-down dinner in a reclaimed cabin. Time to get warm, get to know these people, and share some news.