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wausauloner - Sat Jan 05 2013

03:57 AM #
Reviewing my notes from yesterday's talk with the Pequaming survivors...I've got a lot of ground to cover and some really big news. #zombies

04:00 AM #
First, a quick summary of who these survivors are. They are a conglomeration of several groups that have found safety together over time.

04:03 AM #
About half are from cities that fell to the zombies early on: Duluth, Superior, Sault Sainte Marie, Marquette, Thunder Bay... #zompocalypse

04:06 AM #
The rest came from more rural areas. Of course, everywhere became dangerous as the zombie plague kept spreading and killing... #zompocalypse

04:09 AM #
Things went wrong for the region as order fell elsewhere. False rumors of safe zones "up north" brought in unsupportable waves of refugees.

04:12 AM #
To this day, some of the largest concentrations of the dead are in those purported safe zones--and every nearby port. #zombies #zompocalypse

04:15 AM #
The Pequaming survivors have first- or second-hand accounts of all those places and more. They've traveled a lot in their quest for safety.

04:18 AM #
Sadly, their stories include dangers beyond the undead. There is no shortage of predatory survivors on the shores of Lake Superior. #zombies

04:21 AM #
The newest twist in man's inhumanity to man: there are "highwaymen" set up on the Sault Sainte Marie locks. They have a fortress there.

04:24 AM #
The highwaymen at the Sualt Ste. Marie locks have on-site electrical power, a defensible position, and numbers (tho nobody knows how many).

04:27 AM #
They control travel between Lake Superior and the rest of the Great Lakes, and use that control to exact a toll on desperate travelers.

04:30 AM #
They've collected food, fuel, weapons, and other supplies, often turning away travelers until they can raise enough "tollway tax" to pass.

04:33 AM #
The Pequaming survivors told us they haven't had any conflict with the highwaymen because they haven't tried to leave the lake... #zombies

04:36 AM #
...but they know of another group that ran afoul of them when they found a way around the Sault Sainte Marie locks... #zompocalypse #zombies

04:39 AM #
That group traveled in unusual amphibious boats, some with "Wisconsin Dells Tours" still painted on the sides. Shawn's people! #zompocalypse

04:42 AM #
The Pequaming survivors tell how the highwaymen tried to make an example of Shawn's people, but they got away. I hope Shawn was with them.

04:46 AM #
I'm about to go over some maps with some people who might know where Shawn's group might be taking shelter. I hope we can track them down!