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wausauloner - Sun Jan 06 2013

11:14 AM #
I have more information about the possible whereabouts of Shawn's people, survivors who fled the Wisconsin Dells area in tourist ducks.

11:17 AM #
They traveled from the lower lakes to Lake Superior. Their quarrel with the highwaymen at the locks make it unlikely that they've left.

11:20 AM #
The survivors here say the ducks made their transit late last spring during a stormy week, so it's also unlikely they very far on the lake.

11:23 AM #
The highwaymen's fast boats (speedy craft--they always confiscated anything good as part of their toll) checked areas accessible by water...

11:26 AM #
So the survivors here think the ducks went back ashore quickly and found an inland refuge. Highwaymen boat patrols may have them pinned down

11:29 AM #
While winter prevents traveling by water to check out all the sites, I've decided to convoy to some of them when our business here is done.