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wausauloner - Mon Jan 07 2013

07:11 AM #
To our watchers in the DARPA monitoring station: I am ready to offer full alliance membership to the Pequaming survivors. #zompocalypse

07:14 AM #
They're a good group of people. They've survived through smarts and by sticking together. They've avoided conflict and now have a nice base.

07:17 AM #
There may be a lot of really paranoid groups up here, but those mostly stick to their own areas (& want everyone else to keep out). #zombie

07:20 AM #
So I think they'll be safe here, especially if they keep building up their defenses. They've finally found a home they can keep. #zombies

07:23 AM #
I think, when word gets out about our alliance on the HAM radio broadcasts, raiders and rivals will leave them be and stick to easier prey.