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wausauloner - Tue Jan 08 2013

06:42 AM #
The Pequaming survivors have seized upon the idea of helping us find Shawn and the other survivors from the Wisconsin Dells... #zompocalypse

06:45 AM #
They see it as their first act in support of our alliance. Can't blame their enthusiasm. It must be a relief, finally finding friends.

06:48 AM #
We're still looking over maps and thinking through thought experiments about where Shawn and his people might have gone to ground. #zombies

06:51 AM #
The key is their amphibious vehicles. Those zompocalypse-modded tourist ducks from the Dells give them a lot of mobility, but they need fuel

06:54 AM #
Shawn told me that most of the ducks are modded, like his, with steam or wood gas for normal travel, but they retain their diesel engines.

06:57 AM #
They use their diesel motors when speed or power are important. My guess is they used up much fuel avoiding the "highwaymen" at the locks.

07:01 AM #
So I think they'd want to replenish their supply of diesel as soon as possible. They'd have made that a priority before winter set in.

07:03 AM #
Fuel is getting harder to find. Supplies have been dwindling ever since the zombies rose & civilization fell. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:06 AM #
The Pequaming survivors say they've been having their own problems with diesel supplies, and have been considering unusual sources...

07:09 AM #
We agree that Shawn and his people might have come up with the same ideas, only one of which is available to them if they're hiding inland:

07:12 AM #
They might be tapping into a pipeline--there are a lot to the west of here. In theory, we could snowmobile along the pipeline routes easily.