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wausauloner - Wed Jan 09 2013

02:30 AM #
Rather than striking out blindly looking for a pipeline Shawn's people might have tapped, we're making a run to L'anse, the county seat.

02:33 AM #
There should be records there to locate the right kind of pipeline. We're told the place is crowded with zombies, so we're going in force.

10:23 AM #
Back from L'anse. The Pequaming survivors weren't kidding about the number of zombies there. Far, far more than the previous live population

10:26 AM #
The town showed all the signs of being overcrowded by refugees before the zombie plague arrived. We had to knock down barricades to get in.

10:29 AM #
There were so many zombies that the snow was completely trampled. We were hoping deep snow would slow them down, making our run easier.

10:32 AM #
Fortunately, there were mostly intact barricades around the county buildings. Once we got in, we were able to take our time on our search.

10:35 AM #
We brought back some maps to sort through. I think we'll be able to start searching for Shawn and his people tomorrow. #zombie #apocalypse