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wausauloner - Sun Jan 13 2013

12:30 PM #
We are back at our camp outside of Ishpeming. It has been an eventful few days. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #zompocalypse

12:33 PM #
Last time I tweeted, we were about to snowmobile along the Enbridge Lakeland pipeline to the east in hopes of finding Shawn and his people.

12:36 PM #
The pipeline is underground, for the most part, but the right-of-way is easy to follow. The path was kept clear back before the zombies rose

12:39 PM #
It's starting to get overgrown now, but markers and maps guided us. We followed it about halfway through the Hiawatha National Forest...

12:42 PM #
At that point, we ran into some trouble. Now, I don't like getting shot at--even when it's just meant to warn me happens too often

12:45 PM #
Apparently, we had followed the pipeline into "Michigan Militia" territory. They're not one group. Rather, they're several small enclaves.

12:48 PM #
In fact, we were inadvertently traveling along the boundary between two militia groups' territories. They have "carved up" the eastern U.P.

12:51 PM #
After some tense words and an attempt at negotiation, we were told--in no uncertain terms--to back out the way we came in and never return.

12:54 PM #
Once we reached their western frontier, we decided to reroute back to Ishpeming to resupply at the caches left here. We met up with friends!

12:57 PM #
While we were out of touch, Pete sent up a group to repopulate this place. It was a good idea to do so, seeing as how it is free of zombies.

01:01 PM #
I spoke to the head of the new colony being formed here. It will primarily be populated by people who might be a security risk back home.

01:03 PM #
Already, it's home to people who used to be part of rival groups. It may be safe to "absorb them"...but it's nice to have a safe alternative

01:06 PM #
I'm falling asleep as I type these updates so I'll continue tomorrow.