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wausauloner - Mon Jan 14 2013

05:06 AM #
As I tweeted yesterday before I crashed for the night, we didn't find Shawn's people along the pipeline when we went east. #zompocalypse

05:09 AM #
We think we followed the pipeline far enough east to know they didn't go that way. The rest of the peninsula is Michigan Militia territory.

05:12 AM #
We didn't see any other survivors until our unfortunate encounter with the Militia in the Hiawatha Nat'l Forest. There were plenty of undead

05:15 AM #
Maybe it was because the cleared land over the buried pipeline acts like a path of least resistance for the undead as they mill about.

05:18 AM #
We did run across several small abandoned camps and two very large ones where refugees came together in groups for mutual defense, years ago

05:21 AM #
Time and snow had erased all signs of conflict. Others who'd found the sites before took anything of value left behind. Sad scenes. #zombies

05:24 AM #
As I said yesterday, the pipeline is mostly underground. The only exception is at bridges and booster pump stations. We found two of those.

05:27 AM #
One is about 30 miles south of here. The booster pump stations have valves that could be used to tap the pipelines. We took a sample.

05:30 AM #
It could be crude oil, though I'm no expert. Pete saw my recent tweets & has sent up some people who've been working on our fuel situation.

05:33 AM #
He's smart, always thinking ahead. I hope he's finally recovered fully from the wounds he received during the Reaper assassination attempt.

05:36 AM #
I'm going to meet with the fuel experts now to see if they can tell me what we found. They've been examining it since our arrival yesterday.