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wausauloner - Sat Jan 19 2013

06:22 AM #
Testing...testing... anyone at the other end of this tweet speak English?

06:25 AM #
Finally! The last two towers that gave me a signal only seemed to reach that other world where the locals speak what looks like French.

06:28 AM #
I have a few minutes to share some details about the last few days. We are currently just outside Wakefield, Michigan--a dangerous area.

06:31 AM #
The local zombie count has been rising as we've traveled west, getting closer to more populated areas and rumored safe havens. #zompocalypse

06:34 AM #
We found another booster pumping station on the pipeline near Lake Gogebic. Someone had already tapped it. Recently, we think. #zombies

06:37 AM #
Whoever had been there before us left a lot of downed zombies around nearby. Hundreds. The onset of renewed decay seems to be very limited.

06:40 AM #
Gotta go...local zombies closing in. We don't have the numbers to fight so we have to keep moving. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse