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wausauloner - Sun Jan 20 2013

06:40 AM #
Back in Wakefield. When we left yesterday, a couple of us thought we smelled smoke. Zombies were all over us so we put off investigating it.

06:43 AM #
Today, it's much colder and much, much windier. The zombies are slower so we're taking the opportunity to search the area more thoroughly.

06:46 AM #
Unfortunately, this crazy wind is making it impossible to track down the source of the smoke we detected yesterday. Can't even catch a whiff

10:22 AM #
We used the noise cover of this wind to take out many local zombies. The fact that their anti-freeze-like black blood is thicker helped, too

10:25 AM #
We didn't find the survivors responsible for yesterday's smoke. We're going to risk staying here tonight to get an earlier start tomorrow.

10:28 AM #
Fingers getting numb...Heading back to the abandoned house we've taken over. It was already barricaded up, tho we had to make some repairs