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wausauloner - Mon Jan 21 2013

03:12 AM #
It got very cold last night. We had to keep feeding the wood stove to keep the place we took over warm. It is finally getting comfortable.

03:15 AM #
Unfortunately, thawing out the place has also melted what was left of the place's previous inhabitants--and the undead they downed. #zombies

03:18 AM #
We're taking the time to clean up the worst of the mess. With this cold snap, it's too dangerous to travel much anyway. #zompocalypse

11:11 AM #
The smell inside our latest zompocalyse crash pad is finally bearable, though Shorty disagrees. Poor dog and her sensitive nose. #zombies

11:14 AM #
This place also had an outer defensive perimeter. We've fixed it up enough to keep a few casual zombies out, tho it won't stop another horde

11:17 AM #
This place is far enough away from the main local concentrations of undead that we think we'll be safe enough if we keep up regular patrols.