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wausauloner - Tue Jan 22 2013

04:17 AM #
Still very cold out. We're secure enough from zombies in our position here that we're going to do a little searching anyway. #zompocalypse

04:20 AM #
Considering how much we're using the wood furnace to keep warm, we'll be doing a lot of driving around, looking for smoke. #zombies #zombie

04:23 AM #
Maybe it's just wishful thinking...I'm certain the people we know are close are Shawn and his group. They've got to be holed up nearby.

06:50 AM #
Damn, it's cold out. The 6 of us are taking turns, half at a time, searching for awhile then warming up here in our temporary base. #zombie

06:53 AM #
We're dressed for this. The zombies aren't. I just saw one wandering around in boxer shorts and a #Packers Tshirt. #zompocalypse #zombies

06:56 AM #
Gotta go take care of Shorty. She doesn't like being left behind, but it's simply not safe for her to be out in this weather. #zompocalypse

11:42 AM #
We spent the whole day making sweeps through Wakefield, looking for signs of survivor activity. None. Just lots and lots of zombies.

11:45 AM #
We were only able to evade the dead because we never stopped moving and this bitter cold and snow makes the zombies slower than normal.

11:48 AM #
Their black blood has antifreeze properties. It may thicken at these temps, but the dead don't care. They just move more slowly. #zombies

11:51 AM #
With so many zombies in Wakefield, I'm fairly certain the survivors we seek are not in the town itself. Tomorrow, we expand our search.