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wausauloner - Thu Jan 24 2013

03:00 AM #
Going back out to Sunday Lake. Maybe someone will be fishing there again. If not, we'll travel the backroads to the NW. #zompocalypse

03:03 AM #
I wish I knew more about this area. It would help with the search. We don't have a good map and someone knocked down a lot of road signs.

03:06 AM #
Sadly, it's a phenomenon I've seen before--a defensive measure some local survivor groups take in hopes of keeping outsiders away.

03:09 AM #
It's hard to say when it happened here. Due to rumors of nearby safe zones, this area saw a huge and sustained influx of refugees...#zombies

03:12 AM #
It didn't work. And it's easy to see how bad things got when the zombie plague finally hit here. Lots of trashed impromptu camps all over.

11:31 AM #
Our search was repeatedly stymied by very deep snow blocking our path. The risk of getting stuck is too great, even with our plows & chains.

11:34 AM #
We ended up spending a lot of time checking out homes near the ice fishing site we found. One was recently used. We searched around it.

11:37 AM #
We downed a few zombies in the area (adding to others already littering the area) & found some barely discernible tracks--snowshoes tracks!

11:40 AM #
We're heading back there tomorrow with our own snowshoes to see where they lead. It should be warm enough for Shorty to come along, too.