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wausauloner - Sun Jan 27 2013

06:39 AM #
Some quick news: We followed the snowshoe trail up a steep grade from the lake for about a mile before being stopped by well-hidden sentries

06:42 AM #
Our weapons and radio were taken from us, but they didn't find (or look for) my Blackberry (why would they?). #zompocalypse

06:45 AM #
We were escorted up the rest of the way to the summit of Indianhead Mountain. Shawn's people had made it their winter camp. #zompocalypse

06:48 AM #
Once there, we met John, the group's leader. He was NOT pleased to see us. I'm not sure what would have happened if Shawn hadn't shown up.

06:51 AM #
Shawn, and later, Tina (who is now his wife), vouched for us. They reminded John that the three of us had been through a lot together.

06:54 AM #
We were then allowed to radio our companions to have them join us up here on the hill, but now John won't let any of us leave. #zombies

06:57 AM #
John is...paranoid is too strong...isolationist. He wants nothing to do with any other group of survivors. They've been on the run too long.

06:59 AM #
Gotta go before I'm missed...Shawn hasn't told John I have a way of communicating with anyone. I need to keep my phone hidden.