Twitter Fiction Reader

wausauloner - Mon Jan 28 2013

04:30 AM #
Back at the tower. Shawn and Tina are both helping me find ways to get here so I can tweet out. John would be furious if he knew. #zombies

04:33 AM #
Shawn says John has stopped him from trying to reach us back in Wausau via HAM radio ever since he reunited with them last spring. #zombie

04:36 AM #
John has gone so far as to remove the microphones from all the various types of radios their fleet has in their zompocalypse-modded ducks.

04:39 AM #
Most of the people in this group are wholeheartedly on board with this policy. There was some sort of incident nobody wants to talk about.

04:42 AM #
Shawn has been trying to find another way to communicate with us. To that end, he buried a mini-anomaly bucket here and was testing phones.

04:45 AM #
He has collected hundreds of phones from abandoned homes, cars, and the bodies of downed undead. He's hidden them carefully from John.

04:48 AM #
He hoarded the phones until this winter camp was established, buried the bucket, and waited for a "weakness between worlds" to form.

04:51 AM #
Lots of antennae here made it likely there were analogs on other worlds. Shawn began seeing bars from them, coming thru the mini-anomaly.

04:54 AM #
However, he was unable to send or receive tweets, texts, or anything else through. Mine works only because of something @ProfPierson did.

04:57 AM #
So it's unlikely John will figure out that I can send tweets, much less have them monitored back in Wausau at the Mosinee Hill DARPA station

05:01 AM #
That autonomous station, built secretly after the original Anomaly that brought the zombie plague formed, is manned 24/7 by our people now.

05:03 AM #
They can see my tweets because they go out through this mini-anomaly to Twitter on YOUR world, then leak back thru The Anomaly to ours.

05:06 AM #
It's one-way-only communication, but it's what we've got, and it's secret. HAM radio calls are public, and can lead bad guys to your door.

05:09 AM #
I'm sure that's what John is worried about. These people, like most survivors, use the HAM radios they find for listening to guys like Pete.

05:12 AM #
Pete's nightly broadcasts about cooperation and fighting groups like the Reapers haven't made a dent in John's isolationist convictions.