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wausauloner - Wed Jan 30 2013

09:47 AM #
I'm helping Shawn work on his duck, parked conveniently near this tower where my tweets can get out. The cover story was his idea. #zombies

09:50 AM #
Most of the time, I actually will be helping Shawn out with tuning up his duck. "The Millennium Mallard" needs an engine rebuild.

09:53 AM #
We're going to take the motor apart, clean it up thoroughly, then put it all back together. Most of the fleet is getting the same treatment.

09:56 AM #
The ducks' diesel engines have been burning a lot of stuff other than good, clean fuel, including salvaged kitchen grease and rendered fat.

09:59 AM #
One of the reasons this group is here this winter is to improve their fuel situation. More on that next time I tweet. #zompocalypse #zombies