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wausauloner - Thu Jan 31 2013

03:05 AM #
This winter camp isn't just a place to ride out the cold weather. John's "duck people" have quite an operation going on at the main lodge.

03:08 AM #
They are using the main lodge's large fireplace (& a lot of jerry-rigged equipment scrounged from a variety of sources) to make diesel fuel.

03:11 AM #
It looks complicated, but it's actually a fairly simple process: They take the crude oil tapped from the pipeline and distill it. #zombies

03:14 AM #
It took a lot of research and trial & error, but they have it down now. They are producing a lot of diesel and some gasoline, too. #zombies

03:17 AM #
We've talked about doing the same thing back at The Farm Colonies west of Wausau as a means of getting higher octane fuel for the helicopter

03:20 AM #
Their are two big tankers of pipeline crude up here. Shawn thinks it will all be processed by spring, filling the fleet's tanks and reserves

03:23 AM #
This refining know-how is valuable, and heartening to see. There's a lot of fuel trapped in pipelines all over what remains of this country.

03:26 AM #
Learning how to make use of it is proof we can regain more of the tools and technology we lost when the zombies rose and civilization fell.