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wausauloner - Fri Feb 01 2013

04:15 AM #
The source of most of the tanks & tubing is a metal fabricating plant that made parts for ethanol producers. Brewpubs also contributed.

04:18 AM #
The "recipe" for distilling diesel from crude was worked out with the help of salvaged library books. I think we can duplicate this effort.

05:01 AM #
I had to hide my phone for awhile. We had a visitor helping us out with Shawn's duck. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

05:04 AM #
John has ordered most of the fuel distillation to be conducted at night. He doesn't want a column of smoke giving away his group's position.

05:07 AM #
John was shocked we found his group. He thought the deep snow and numerous zombies in the surrounding area would keep travelers away.

05:13 AM #
He agreed that we might never have found them if we hadn't smelled wood smoke carrying along on the winter wind. #zombie #apocalypse

05:16 AM #
I should have marked this place on our map as a site to check out. High ground is usually safer from zombies. Rib Mt. taught me that.