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wausauloner - Sat Feb 02 2013

03:05 AM #
I'm told that these people had to work hard to clear zombies from the top of Indianhead Mountain. There were many undead up here. #zombie

03:08 AM #
They drove into this area specifically looking to camp here at a ski lodge. Shawn told them how Rib Mountain worked for us back in Wausau.

03:11 AM #
They needed a place to set up their petroleum distillation system. This is that, and one of the more defensible areas around here. #zombies

03:14 AM #
They arrived late last fall, not knowing if there were already survivors up here or what they'd find. They found an overrun survivor colony.

03:17 AM #
They backed off when they saw how many zombies were here and sent scouts to other nearby ski hills further east. They were in worse shape.

03:20 AM #
The other ski hills, being closer to the false safe havens that attracted so many refugees, had even larger zombie infestations. #zombies

03:23 AM #
Also, the other ski lodges were located at the bases of the hills. So John made the call and Indianhead Mountain was systematically cleared.