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wausauloner - Sun Feb 03 2013

03:01 AM #
Bit of a scare this morning: A zombie somehow got into the inner camp up here on Indianhead Mountain. Dogs alerted us. Nobody got hurt.

03:03 AM #
A zombie sighting is rare up here, at least during the winter. The unceasing lake-effect snow makes it hard for them to get around. #zombies

03:06 AM #
I mean, there must be over six feet of accumulated snowfall around here! A party went out to follow its tracks to see where it came from.

06:59 AM #
The patrol sent out to see where the zombie came from has returned. They figure it was probably just more restless than most. #zompocalypse

07:02 AM #
The trail the zombie left behind led to a small ravine where the zombie had been trapped for some time. The snow inside was well-trampled.

07:05 AM #
The zombie may have simply kept moving, staying on top of the snow as it slowly got deep enough to fill the ravine, letting the zombie out.

07:08 AM #
We're told that patrols & scrounging parties find many zombies stuck in the snow. They're easy pickings, as long as you watch your feet.

07:11 AM #
These "zomcicles" simply stood still long enough to be buried by falling snow. They're all over the place in this part of the U.P. #zombies