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wausauloner - Sun Feb 10 2013

05:10 AM #
My traveling companions and I have made a real effort to build a rapport with as many of John's people as possible. We've met most everyone.

05:13 AM #
There's one glaring exception: the resident "doctor," a woman who was still in med school when the zombie plague hit. #zompocalypse #zombies

05:16 AM #
It's possible that John is just being protective of a crucial member of his group. Everyone speaks reverently of her. #zombie #apocalypse

05:19 AM #
Hmmm. I burned my arm working on the duck's biodiesel pre-heater yesterday...looks worse than it is. I think I should have it looked at.

09:21 AM #
I got some ointment for my arm...and a figurative burn on the back of my head. I felt John's staring eyes the whole time I was in there.

09:24 AM #
John made sure I never had a moment alone with Leah. He escorted me in and out, and headed off any attempt at small talk. #zompocalypse

09:27 AM #
Not that Leah was chatty. She seemed overworked, tired, and very, very sad... Something beyond the weight of her responsibilities.