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wausauloner - Mon Feb 11 2013

09:30 AM #
Shawn's improvements to the woodgas system are going to take some time. Well, it gives me plenty of reason to be here near the cell tower.

09:33 AM #
During the time I spent traveling with Shawn on the Mallard, I really came to appreciate her abilities. The ducks work great for this group.

09:36 AM #
They've survived this long in the zompocalypse as nomads, able to get places others can't and flee most dangers. But it's an uncertain life.

09:39 AM #
They've been moving ever since the Reaper/Cannibal war displaced them. Now, John is dead-set against his people settling down anywhere long.

09:42 AM #
He's told me several times that they'll never be in these parts again, or even back in Wisconsin, once we part ways after the spring thaw.

10:14 AM #
I tried getting in to see Leah again. John intercepted me and shooed me away. I don't think I can push the matter without him getting wise.