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wausauloner - Tue Feb 12 2013

04:10 AM #
Whenever I interact with anybody from the "duck people" up here on Indianhead other than Shawn and Tina, John or another minder shadows me.

04:13 AM #
I feel like I'm in a news story from back before the zombies rose, when western reporters in communist countries had official escorts.

04:16 AM #
Some of the minders aren't as subtle as John. It really seems like their goal is to keep their people from sharing too much, or asking us Qs

06:32 AM #
I've asked the rest of my companions from Wausau to create opportunities for the friends they've made up here to talk privately with them.

06:34 AM #
Nothing obvious...just trying to get into one-on-one situations where nobody might overhear a conversation...Not being obvious about it...

06:37 AM #
...Then, rather than soliciting secrets, I'm having them just be quiet, giving the other person the opportunity to fill the silence. #zombie

06:40 AM #
I figure it may give someone a chance to ask a question they've been waiting for the right time to ask. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

06:43 AM #
It's also a safer play than asking questions ourselves. If we reach out to the wrong person, John might get wind of it. Gotta play it cool.