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wausauloner - Thu Feb 14 2013

05:27 AM #
The rest of the duck pilots have been spending a lot of time here at the Millennium Mallard. They've been working on their vehicles, too.

05:30 AM #
Some of them have already suggested tune-ups that will further enhance Shawn's woodgas system improvements. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

05:33 AM #
They've all been chattering away all day, leaving me to watch and play catch-up. I'm a little behind on this particular apocalypse tech.

05:36 AM #
At the moment, I'm down in the hold running some cables. It's a good place to tweet without anybody being able to see me. #zompocalypse

05:39 AM #
With all these people here, John has been hanging around to squelch any conversations that go in a direction he doesn't like.

05:42 AM #
On the bright side, having John here riding herd on me means my traveling companions have more opportunities to make closer connections.

05:45 AM #
And, I have to admit, I'm being a little coy and learning some things by testing what John does and doesn't let people talk about. #zombies

05:48 AM #
Case in point: He doesn't mind me talking about places I've explored, but doesn't like me talking about folks I've met. Same for his people.