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wausauloner - Sat Feb 16 2013

09:20 AM #
I may have judged John too harshly yesterday. He's not like some leaders I've seen, controlling their people through fear... #zompocalyspe

09:23 AM #
It's not that simple. I think he's trying to keep his people motivated to keep moving, even though it's hard, to leave the past behind...

09:26 AM #
I can see his point. If he can find a safe place to settle, they can live, thrive, & rebuild. We just disagree on where safety can be found.

09:29 AM #
I don't think there are any safe places in this undead world that we don't make ourselves. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #zompocalypse

09:32 AM #
Without knowing where you're going, committing yourself to running to safety might just as easily mean you're running blindly into danger.