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wausauloner - Sun Feb 17 2013

05:53 AM #
Shawn's woodgas system still gets a lot of attention, so John is still hanging around to keep an eye on my interactions with his people.

05:56 AM #
I'm taking advantage of the situation, cultivating my relationship with John. Maybe he'll let me get to know him, if not his people.

09:45 AM #
John has asked me to go over some maps with him. He wants to know more of my travels and what I've learned about other places. #zompocalypse

09:48 AM #
I've had few opportunities to talk about such things with this group--mostly due to John's own efforts. It's about time. #zombie #zombies

09:51 AM #
This will be a one-on-one conversation. John made a point of asking for the meeting when nobody else was around. Expected, I guess. #zombies