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wausauloner - Mon Feb 18 2013

11:02 AM #
I just spent all day with John. He was forthright, sharing much information about places his "duck people" have been. I responded in kind.

11:05 AM #
John is driven by a vision. He believes that safety and an eventual return to normalcy can be found somewhere in the wilds of Canada.

11:08 AM #
He said he thinks his groups' amphibious vehicles will let them go places that weren't swamped by refugees early on after the zombies rose.

11:11 AM #
He didn't say where they would go, but my guess is that he'll take his group back out onto Lake Superior some calm spring day and head west.

11:14 AM #
The Boundary Waters region might be their destination, or perhaps, a waypoint on a longer journey. That area would meet his criteria.