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wausauloner - Tue Feb 19 2013

05:21 AM #
More about yesterday's conversation with John: Despite his candor about where his group has been, there was a gap in what he talked about.

05:24 AM #
Something happened around the time John's people left Wisconsin. From that point on, they actively avoided interactions with other survivors

05:27 AM #
It was well after the time I first met Shawn--he was sent towards Wausau to make contact with me. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #zompocalypse

05:31 AM #
I think the change happened after last January, when Tina and two other people tracked Shawn and I from the Fox Cities back to Wausau...

05:33 AM #
...and before last April, when Shawn and Tina left Wausau to catch up with this group, a journey they never returned from.

05:36 AM #
John seems genuinely touched that one of my diplomatic mission's main goals was to find Shawn, Tina, and the rest of this group.

05:39 AM #
He has apologized to me for preventing Shawn and Tina from contacting us via HAM radio to let us know they were OK. #zompocalypse #zombies

05:42 AM #
Shawn & Tina were free to leave if they wanted to. Unfortunately, the Reaper/Cannibal Gangs war spilled north. Returning became impossible.