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wausauloner - Wed Feb 20 2013

04:34 AM #
My long talk with John has not stopped him from preventing meaningful conversations with most of the people up here, with two exceptions.

04:37 AM #
He has never cared much about what I talk about with Shawn & Tina, as long as others aren't around to hear it. He leaves us alone for hours.

04:40 AM #
Unfortunately, neither Shawn nor Tina have been able to provide much insight about what caused John's shift to an isolationist policy.

04:43 AM #
They get along well enough with the rest of the group up here on Indianhead, but they haven't quite fit in since their time in Wausau.

04:46 AM #
For awhile, Shawn thought it was because they were around The Anomaly and therefore probably carrying the latent form of the zombie plague.

04:49 AM #
He and Tina have heard whispers about them now being of "The Doomed," survivor-slang for us folk from Wausau who live near The Anomaly.

04:52 AM #
But we have come to the conclusion that they missed out on some big, shared experience that happened and caused this whole xenophobic mood.

04:55 AM #
They're not in the loop, and they're not being let in. Being isolationist has turned this whole group quietly paranoid & very tight-lipped.