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wausauloner - Thu Feb 21 2013

09:25 AM #
I might have a lead on why John is particularly anxious about me talking to Leah, his group's medico. She's been asking Tina some questions.

09:28 AM #
Leah must have heard rumors that my diplomatic convoy spent time with survivors on Washington Island on the northern tip of Door County.

09:31 AM #
She expressed disbelief that anyone survived Governor Doyle's disastrous attempt to make Door County a refuge from the zombie plague.

09:34 AM #
Tina told her all she knew of the times I'd visited Washington Island, my recent trip and the first time, one year after the zombies rose.

09:37 AM #
I need to find out more about Leah's interest in Washington Island. Finding a way to talk to her without John knowing will be tricky.