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wausauloner - Thu Feb 28 2013

03:35 AM #
None of my traveling companions, all also under John's "house arrest," remember seeing a child on Washington Island that looks like Aiden.

03:38 AM #
Of course, there are many people on Washington Island that none of us met. There's still hope. Tina is going to tell Leah. #zompocalypse

03:41 AM #
Not knowing has got to be the worst part of this for Leah. If John would let me contact my friends on the island, I could find out for sure.

03:44 AM #
It might also help if Leah and I didn't have to communicate so indirectly. Her questions have been cryptic. I don't have the full story.

03:47 AM #
Tina is going to try to find out what Leah wanted to learn from her questions about "good" people--and why my answer disappointed her.