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wausauloner - Fri Mar 01 2013

04:55 AM #
Leah sneaked into my quarters around 4 AM last night. She wanted to talk. It was good to finally get the chance to do so freely. #zombies

04:58 AM #
She told me why she wanted to know if I saw her missing son, Aiden, among the survivors on Washington Island. She lost him back in 2009.

05:01 AM #
It happened near an evacuation rally point where I39 meets I94, shortly after Governor Doyle declared Door County as a safezone. #zombies

05:04 AM #
She and Aiden were on a school bus for hours as their evacuation convoy slowly picked its way north from Madison under heavy escort.

05:07 AM #
The convoy was stopped in the interchange's converging traffic. Vehicles that ran out of gas were causing problems with the evacuation.

05:10 AM #
Their convoy had grown considerably since it left Madison and every vehicle was stuffed beyond capacity. Their bus was full of refugees.

05:13 AM #
People were scared...children were crying. They'd seen a woman in the bus ahead get pulled out and shot after a hidden bite was discovered.

05:16 AM #
A well-dressed older man and two "toughs," as she called them, approached the stopped bus and got the driver's attention. He went outside.

05:19 AM #
Leah saw them talk by a black town car with Illinois plates and two flats, parked just off the road. She said she saw cash change hands...

05:22 AM #
A distraught woman left the town car, joining the men as they got on the bus. The two toughs came down the aisle first, silent, staring...

05:25 AM #
They must have seen something in the eyes of the people in the seat next to Leah. The men stopped there to whisper something to them...

05:28 AM #
She didn't hear what was said, but she thinks she saw a gun. The older man and the woman took the seat as it emptied. #zombies #zompocalypse

05:31 AM #
Leah said the toughs stood in the aisle, hovering over her left shoulder, attending the older man and the distraught woman. #zompocalypse

05:34 AM #
After days without rest, Leah fell asleep a few hours later, the convoy still immobile. She awoke in the dark to the sound of screams.

05:37 AM #
It was the distraught woman, crying out in Russian, Leah thought. In any language, it was the sound of a mother calling for a lost child.

05:40 AM #
The older man tried to comfort the crying woman, but her cries started a chain reaction of panic on the crowded bus. Leah cradled Aiden...

05:43 AM #
The two toughs reacted with violence, protecting the older pair as the old man barked out short orders, again in Russian. #zompocalypse

05:46 AM #
The toughs pulled out pistols, using them to threaten or club anyone nearby not already cowering. The woman's wails continued... #zombies

05:49 AM #
Leah saw the old man staring at Aiden, then point him out to his thugs. One grabbed her son, knocking her aside roughly... #zompocalypse

05:52 AM #
She lunged for her boy but was stopped short by a hard blow to the back of her skull. She blacked out. When she awoke, she was outside.

05:55 AM #
The last thing she remembered seeing on the bus was Aiden--her only child--trying to pull away from the distraught woman embracing him.

05:58 AM #
The convoy had begun moving again. Leah ran from bus to bus, looking for the one that held her son. She didn't see him. None stopped for her