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wausauloner - Sat Mar 02 2013

07:10 AM #
I have a few minutes alone in the hold of Shawn's duck to tweet some more about Leah's story. After losing Aiden, Leah had other problems...

07:13 AM #
She took shelter in the abandoned town car to await another evacuation convoy. She planned to beg for space and find Aiden in Door County.

07:16 AM #
Unfortunately, her original convoy's problems on I39 were so bad that no others took that route again. Other passersby refused to stop.

07:19 AM #
The situation got worse as zombie sightings increased and travelers became more desperate. She began to fear for her own safety.

07:22 AM #
Leah watched and waited as long as she could. Every day, there were fewer vehicles and more sightings of the dead. It got quieter, colder...

07:25 AM #
Hunger finally forced her to move on. With zombies coming from the north, she was convinced Portage had fallen. She walked west on I94.

07:28 AM #
For awhile, the road was quiet. She found a little food in a couple of the dozens of abandoned cars she walked past. She drank rainwater.

07:31 AM #
She began seeing the dead again as she approached Wisconsin Dells. Disheartened, she got off the highway and sought shelter. #zompocalypse

07:34 AM #
She found a farm with hastily reinforced fences. It looked inhabited, and it was. The family inside took her in. She was safe, for awhile.