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wausauloner - Mon Mar 04 2013

08:20 AM #
Time to share more of Leah's story: The family she was living with hunkered down that first winter after the zombies rose... #zompocalypse

08:23 AM #
As the zombie plague spread worldwide, they stayed safe inside while civilization melted away outside. They made preparations for spring.

08:26 AM #
They expanded the fencing around their property, making part of it an outright wall and other parts impossible for zombies to see past.

08:29 AM #
The changes allowed them to protect their livestock and safely plant enough crops for the next year. Leah worked to earn her keep. #zombies

08:32 AM #
They kept to themselves at the farm, though other survivors--including John's people--made contact with them during scrounging missions.

08:35 AM #
Wisconsin Dells fell quickly to the zombies, so resources weren't used up after the nationwide travel ban. Supplies were still to be found.

08:38 AM #
The farm traded fresh milk and eggs for other supplies John's duck people found. Later, the crops came in. Things were looking up. #zombies

08:41 AM #
In hindsight, Leah says there were signs someone was watching, waiting until the time was right to strike. The attack on the farm was sudden

08:44 AM #
It was the Rapture's Reapers, though Leah didn't know what the raiding cultists called themselves at the ti

10:14 AM #
Sorry about the interruption earlier. One of John's watchers nearly caught me with my Blackberry. Gotta keep a low profile for awhile.