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wausauloner - Tue Mar 05 2013

05:21 AM #
As I started to say yesterday, the Reapers' attack on the farm where Leah stayed was sudden. It was also well-planned. #zompocalypse

05:24 AM #
The farm never stood a chance. The Reapers used one of their big semi tractor trailer zombie wagons to breach the fence and create chaos.

05:27 AM #
I've described those modern-day "fire ships" before: Armored trucks with pointed prows up front and a load of zombies in back. #zompocalypse

05:30 AM #
I first saw one of them back in 2010, when I was on the run from the Reapers in Necedah. I watched them loading one of the damned things.

05:33 AM #
I think this part of Leah's story took place shortly before that. The Reapers would have been supplying their long siege of Fort McCoy then.

05:36 AM #
The release of a truckload of zombies inside the fence forced those inside to deal with the dead even as the Reaper raiding party struck.

05:39 AM #
Leah was knocked out and left for dead by the raiders. There's a scar on her scalp where hair still won't grow. She was the only survivor.

05:42 AM #
The Reapers timed their raid for after the harvest, letting their victims do all the work before they took all the crops. The animals, too.