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wausauloner - Wed Mar 06 2013

04:02 AM #
John's people drove up to the farm from the river when they saw smoke. The Reapers, their zombie wagon, and even its cargo were gone.

04:05 AM #
The local zombie population was also converging on the smoke as the farmhouse burned. If it weren't for the amphibious over.

04:08 AM #
John's duck people took care of Leah's wounds, though their lack of anyone with medical experience meant she had to help them help her.

04:11 AM #
Her medical training, incomplete as it was, proved vital over the coming months as John's duck people fought off more raids from the Reapers

04:14 AM #
Between losing the element of surprise & the ducks' superior maneuverability, the Reapers couldn't duplicate the success of that first raid.

04:17 AM #
The Reapers were too busy besieging Fort McCoy to concentrate on dealing with a group that wasn't venturing far from the Dells anyway.

04:20 AM #
Another factor: The cult was probably already clashing with the Cannibal Gangs that had formed in and between Madison and Milwaukee. #zombie

04:23 AM #
John's people got wind of that conflict from refugees displaced by that widening conflict. They knew they were too close to both groups.