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wausauloner - Fri Mar 08 2013

04:21 AM #
I've been anxious to getting to this next part of Leah's story, because I knew something happened to turn John xenophobic and isolationist.

04:24 AM #
Unfortunately, Leah only dealt with the aftermath: people badly wounded by heavy caliber gunfire. They were east of Peshtigo at the time...

04:27 AM #
She said the patients came in wet, their boats ripped apart by heavy caliber rounds. I think I know who they encountered... #zompocalypse

04:30 AM #
My guess: It was a raid by those rogue military men, the ones who took over Mackinac Island, aboard their commandeered Coast Guard cutter.

04:33 AM #
Leah says that after that battle, John reneged on his promise to skirt Door County to look for survivors who her son might be with. #zombies

04:36 AM #
Instead of leapfrogging up the coast to the U.P. and Canada like they'd planned, John turned his group inland, heading north, then east.

04:39 AM #
They kept a low profile, making it difficult for Shawn and Tina (who were returning with an offer of alliance from us) to find them. #zombie

04:42 AM #
When Shawn and Tina did finally track them down, John was a changed man from when Shawn left him. He wanted nothing to do with our alliance.

04:45 AM #
John became obsessed with reaching a wilderness area somewhere in Canada, avoiding all contact with other survivors until they got there.

04:48 AM #
That's it...all I learned during that night when Leah sneaked into my quarters to talk to me. I told her there WAS a chance Aiden was alive.

04:51 AM #
I told her we could still call my friends on Washington Island via HAM radio to find out, if John would allow radio communication again.

04:54 AM #
John won't budge on that. He's never let anyone transmit via radio since he confiscated all the microphones after Peshtigo. #zompocalypse