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wausauloner - Thu Mar 14 2013

05:59 AM #
I have a few minutes to start sharing what I've recently learned. I know what happened at Peshtigo. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

06:02 AM #
John's people were on the move again after evacuating the Fox Valley. They'd been turned away by several territorial survivor groups.

06:05 AM #
John's scouts had seen some of the Reaper raiding parties. He knew they had to keep moving to avoid a fight. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

06:08 AM #
He hoped they could finally break contact with the Reapers by using the ducks' amphibious capabilities to skirt the shores of Lake Michigan.

06:11 AM #
He figured they could get farther up the U.P. faster that way, looping behind the groups that had blocked their path by land. #zombies

06:14 AM #
One night, when they were camped a safe distance from zombie-overrun Peshtigo, they monitored radio traffic coming from the lake.

06:17 AM #
John used his own radio to make contact. He said the others on the radio said they were with the U.S. Coast Guard. It was a lie.

06:20 AM #
It was the rogue military men who temporarily turned Mackinac Island into a modern-day pirate base, offering to escort his people to safety.

06:23 AM #
The rogue mutineers must have known about the Reaper/Cannibal conflict because they used John's fear of it to make their pitch convincing.

06:26 AM #
John began hastily organizing his peoples' ducks and amphibious construction barges for a quick trip to an island out in Green Bay...

06:29 AM #
One of John's lieutenants figured out something was strange. He didn't survive long enough to say what it was...but he sounded an alarm.

06:32 AM #
The mutineers on the cutter reacted by shooting up the most obvious threat--the construction barges being used as heavy weapons platforms.

06:35 AM #
Then, having demonstrated the damage their deck-mounted 50 caliber machine gun could do, forced John's people to give up crucial supplies.

06:38 AM #
John knew he had failed his people. The cost in lives and material was devastating. More so: The knowledge that there would be no rescue.

06:41 AM #
After the battle, low on supplies and left with less to defend themselves, John knew that his peoples' margin for error was gone.

06:44 AM #
He resolved not to make contact with any other groups of survivors, no matter whether they sounded friendly or not. No one could be trusted.

06:47 AM #
He would lead his people to a remote part of Canada where they could fend for themselves. They would then wait for normalcy to return.

06:50 AM #
His plan hit a snag almost immediately, when another radio transmission was picked up. This one was from Washington Island. More tomorrow.