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wausauloner - Fri Mar 15 2013

08:09 AM #
Continuing the story where I left off yesterday, John's duck people suffered a bad blow when they encountered the mutineers on the CG cutter

08:12 AM #
John lost people, supplies, and combat capabilities, leaving them very vulnerable to any other trouble they might run into. #zompocalypse

08:15 AM #
John felt he had no option but to avoid contact with other survivors, no matter who they were or what their stated intentions. Bad guys lie.

08:18 AM #
So, when his scouts picked up radio signals from Washington Island's fishing fleet, he decided to bypass the waters around the ialsnd.

08:21 AM #
He agonized over the decision. He knew Leah's son had been in the Door County redoubt. He knew it was possible he'd made it to the island...

08:24 AM #
...But he also knew there was a chance that the rogue military men on their commandeered Coast Guard Cutter came from Washington Island.

08:27 AM #
Any "innocent" radio call might turn out to be a ruse, meant to lure survivors of the zombie uprising into a trap set by a predatory group.

08:30 AM #
As John led his people away from the area, he decided not to share information about the overheard radio calls from Washington Island.

08:33 AM #
John confiscated the mics from every radio in the duck fleet, blaming the attack at Peshtigo on predatory groups tracking their signals.

08:36 AM #
I can't second-guess John's actions. The only losses his people have suffered since Peshtigo have been to accidents and the dead. #zombies

08:39 AM #
But now, some of John's people are angry with John for keeping information from them. I'm responsible for that. #zompocalypse