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wausauloner - Sat Mar 16 2013

09:43 AM #
I feel responsible for causing a rift within this group of people up on Indianhead. I revealed secrets their leader, John, didn't want out.

09:46 AM #
While it's true that John kept information from his people, it's also true that his decisions kept his people safe. It's a dangerous world.

09:49 AM #
There are two factions. About half these people still side with John. The other half are rallying behind my friend Shawn. #zompocalypse

09:52 AM #
Tina, Shawn's wife and John's sister, is caught in the middle, along with a few others who the two factions are trying to sway. #zombies

09:55 AM #
I'm trying to help fix things, but my involvement in causing this whole mess makes that difficult. I'm afraid this group will split in two.

09:58 AM #
I'm afraid a split might make both halves less likely to survive without the other. There is strength in numbers in the zompocalypse.