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wausauloner - Sun Mar 17 2013

10:45 AM #
I'm in a strange position. Both factions up here on Indianhead are trying to get me to help them rally the undecided to their point of view.

10:48 AM #
While I still blame myself for causing this internal conflict, I realize it all could have been avoided if people just talked to each other!

10:51 AM #
What is it about living in the zompocalypse that keeps people from just sharing information that might answer a mystery or two? #zombies

10:54 AM #
I guess I can answer that myself. Some knowledge is dangerous. Predatory survivors use information to pick their targets. #zompocalypse

10:57 AM #
But among friends... Well, we have to do a better job of communicating. Everything relevant has to be on the table. Lives are at stake.

11:01 AM #
That said, one of the sticking points in this whole matter is finding out if Leah's son, Aiden, is among the survivors on Washington Island.

11:03 AM #
In this case, we can't simply do a HAM radio call to see if he's there. Aiden might still be with the people who took him from Leah. #zombie

11:06 AM #
If Aiden is with them, and they're as dangerous as Leah's story suggested, they might bolt with him if they find out we're looking for him.