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wausauloner - Mon Mar 18 2013

06:01 AM #
There are a number of issues this group has to hammer out by the time the snow melts and this place becomes unsafe. Till then, we're stuck.

06:03 AM #
There have been calls for new leadership, either replacing John or returning to a more democratic decision-making system. #zompocalypse

06:06 AM #
Frankly, I don't know any survivor group that isn't run more like a dictatorship, tho sometimes leadership is an elected person or council.

06:09 AM #
It's a very dangerous world. We don't have the time to vote when every 3rd decision might be a life or death choice. #zombie #apocalypse

06:12 AM #
For now, it is most important that every leader--whether chosen by vote or by fate--is trusted by those that follow them. #zompocalypse