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wausauloner - Wed Mar 20 2013

06:32 AM #
One positive side effect of the upheaval we're dealing with up here on Indianhead is that my group is no longer under "house arrest."

06:35 AM #
So we're going downslope to check on our vehicles and bring up some of the supplies we brought. We'll share them with our hosts. #zombies

01:03 PM #
Our trucks are where we left them. They're covered in snow. The only way around down there is on snowshoes. What a hike! #zompocalypse

01:06 PM #
There are many thousands of zombies moving around with some difficulty down there, plus many more trapped or completely buried in the snow.

01:09 PM #
We're going to have to time our departure carefully, getting out when the roads are passable but before the zombies get too mobile.