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wausauloner - Thu Mar 21 2013

06:10 AM #
I think Pete's recovery back home must be coming along. He was on the HAM radio for the tenth night in a row. He sounds stronger, too.

06:13 AM #
A near majority of people up here now like the idea of joining one of the survivor communities in our alliance, at least for the short term.

06:16 AM #
Nobody's big on the idea of getting involved in a war with the Rapture's Reapers when that cult comes back north in spring, however. #zombie

06:19 AM #
They're hoping (as I am) that Anon and his Reapers will decide our unified front isn't worth confronting and will move on to weaker prey.

06:22 AM #
At the very least, this interested faction wants to see if lost friends and family might be among our population. #zombies #zompocalypse

06:25 AM #
The other main faction, led by John, still wants to get to a remote part of Canada as quickly as possible to get away from zombies for good.