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wausauloner - Fri Mar 22 2013

07:52 AM #
The faction that wants to find a Canadian wilderness refuge that's safe from both zombies and predatory humans is making their case today.

07:55 AM #
John is doing much of the talking. He's sharing a lot of details, worked out over several months, that he's kept mostly to himself. #zombies

07:58 AM #
As I guessed, his plan hinges upon using the amphibious capabilities of his peoples' zompocalypse-modded tourist ducks to reach remote areas

08:02 AM #
He figures the Boundary Waters north of Minnesota would be an unlikely destination for refugees that didn't have vehicles like the ducks.

08:04 AM #
It would then follow that there would be no zombies there because there were no refugee settlements there to go bad. #zombies #zompocalypse

08:07 AM #
It would also follow that, with no competition for resources, there would be plenty of forage, fish, and game for the food supply. #zombies

08:10 AM #
John knows the journey there would be difficult, but that once they made it, they wouldn't have to live on the run anymore. #zompocalypse