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wausauloner - Tue Mar 26 2013

10:31 AM #
As I did while John made his case for an evacuation to a wilderness area in Canada, I'm trying to take a neutral position while Shawn speaks

10:33 AM #
Everybody here at the old Indianhead ski resort knows that I tracked them down with the purpose of getting them to join our alliance...

10:36 AM #
I'm still an outsider here so I'm restricting my role to answering questions. TV crime shows are gone, but I feel like I'm a witness on one.

10:39 AM #
When John spoke, he asked me to give a full accounting of all I knew about the Rapture's Reapers cult. I did so. It scared people.

10:42 AM #
Today, Shawn had me list all the other predatory survivor groups I've encountered and suggested this group might meet others in Canada.

10:45 AM #
I'm a little put off that both leaders have used my presence to make their cases through fear. I'm hoping that will change. #zompocalypse