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wausauloner - Wed Mar 27 2013

11:14 AM #
There's been an interesting twist in the discussions up here on Indianhead. Tina, frustrated with her brother and husband, talked today.

11:17 AM #
She and the other undecideds among these duck people will determine how the vote goes--and they're tired of the fear tactics. #zompocalypse

11:20 AM #
Tina has presented a list of questions from this group to both John and Shawn. There are subjects both men have been avoiding. #zombies

11:23 AM #
They feel both men have been too focused on the rosier aspects of their survival strategies while trying to get people to fear alternatives.

11:26 AM #
One line from Tina: "Zombies want to eat us. Bad people want to rob us. The world is dangerous now. We get it. do we fix it?"

11:29 AM #
I have to say...I'm very happy with the direction Tina is taking the discussion. Who says we can't get our world back? #zombie #zompocalypse