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wausauloner - Tue Apr 02 2013

06:44 AM #
The people my traveling companions and I have been staying with up here on Indianhead Mountain are going to hold a vote in 3 days. #zombies

06:47 AM #
They're still trying to nail down what the alternatives are going to be, though the potential leaders on the ballot are John, Shawn, & Tina.

06:50 AM #
John & Shawn have both spelled out their visions for how this group will survive in this zombie-ruled world. Tina's candidacy is...different

06:53 AM #
She was more or less drafted by the undecideds among these "duck people" to represent their frustration with John and Shawn. #zompocalyspe

06:56 AM #
As a result, she doesn't have a full plan figured out yet. That has turned off some people. It's now anyone's race. #zombie #zompocalypse