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wausauloner - Thu Apr 04 2013

11:31 AM #
It's election eve up here on Indianhead Mountain. The "duck people" are choosing a leader. Several other items are also on the ballot.

11:34 AM #
There's a straight up/down vote on joining the alliance my diplomatic convoy was been working to build all winter. I don't think it'll pass.

11:37 AM #
Several short-term and long-term plans for how this group might best survive the zompocalypse are also on the ballot. It's become muddled.

11:40 AM #
The upheaval this group has experienced in recent weeks (which I still blame myself for) has these people pulling in all directions at once.

11:43 AM #
I'm going to stay out of the way and make sure my truck is road-ready. It's free now, but it was buried under a lot of snow for a long time.